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“Combines Scripture, Catholic teaching, prayer & music”

Our ministry is unique as it combines Scripture, Catholic teaching, prayer and music. Linda and I believe God’s Word can heal people’s hearts and bring them alive in faith. Our parish missions include such topics as Catholic identity, mercy, mountain moving faith, agape love, forgiveness, community, discipleship and commitment.

Mission Series

"The Road to Emmaus"

This five session parish mission series assists the listener in...

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Music CD

"The Journey"
All of Glenn's music and teachings have been professionally recorded...

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Mission Series

"New Beginnings Back to Basics"
This 5 part audio series, New Beginnings, Back to Basics...

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Find out how we use your donations for Spiritual Renewal. DISCOVER ABOUT US


“I would highly recommend and ask you to strongly consider inviting Deacon Glenn and Linda to come to your parish and give a mission. People deserve to hear this message from two people who are deeply committed to the Lord and their Catholic Faith.”

Rev. Steven Le Blanc

“After the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter Sunday, a number of parishioners who had attended the parish mission contacted me to thank me for having invited Deacon Glenn and Linda to preach this year’s mission. Many people said it was the best Lent they can remember and much of it was due to how they were so deeply touched by the Lenten mission.”

Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis

“Deacon Glenn and his wife Linda have made a real impact for the good in our parish as well as people from surrounding parishes who attended their parish mission. I found that those who attended one session would return for more sessions.”

Msgr. John Swoger

“We had a full church each night. Deacon Glenn and Linda have an excellent way of leading people to embrace their Catholic faith and the love of Jesus. People are able to relate to them through their use of prayer, Scripture, personal sharing, and music. Their love of God, church, and each other will assure a mission that will grace the lives of all who attend.”

Rev. Aubrey Guilbeau

“The Harmons are a warm, friendly and down to earth couple and their Catholic faith is evident in everything they say and do. They possess a unique gift from God. This mission was a huge success and we have already booked Deacon Glenn and Linda for another mission. I would highly recommend their ministry. Our experience with them was amazing.”

Rev. James Panikulam

“ Please accept my profound and heartfelt thanks for the truly wonderful and faith filled week of renewal you shared with our parish. So many parishioners have commented that it had a deep effect in their lives. Your words from the heart resonated with people and they learned a new way of meeting the challenges they confront as individuals, couples and families.”

Msgr. Edward Thein